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  • Target drone


    Record-breaking flight of OCPJET-2

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  • Target drone


    Unmanned, fast military target drone OCPJET-3.

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  • Multipurpose aircraft


    Unmanned, multipurpose observation platform.

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  • Multipurpose aircrafts


    Unmanned, SAR radar platform.

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  • Research aircraft


    Unmanned, Innovative Evaluation Platform .

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  • Research aircraft


    Unmanned, aerobatic flying test bed.

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MSP assets

Up-to-date design infrastructure.

We use an advanced multi-user CAD/CAM system: Siemens NX.

People of MSP.

People and knowledge are the capital of the company. 90% of MSP employees are engineers.

Up-to-date manufacturing infrastructure.

Moulds and positive models for moulds are produced using one of the numerically controlled machine tools - the larger one is the CMS ARES 5-axis machining center with working space 6.0 x 2.6 x 1.2 [m].

MSP offer

  • Aircraft design.
  • Design of complex mechanical devices.
  • Production tooling design for turbine aircraft engines.
  • Manufacturing of composite structures.
  • Design and manufacturing of autonomous control systems.
  • Many other - please check our offer...