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Command and control of a group of COMINT

Command and control of a group of COMINT radio-electronic reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles based on modern IT technologies (UAV-COMINT)

Defense and security program.

Project implementation time: 01.11.2022 – 31.10.2025

The project aim is to develop and execute the communication intelligence system (COMINT) on the 6 TRL,  based on the group of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and the command and control post (C2) of this UAV group. The system is to extend the existing system of reconnaissance and electronic warfare of the Polish Armed Forces. The elements of the system are C2 and three types of sensors located on the UAVs, i.e., sensors for spectrum monitoring, Doppler localization, and reference signal acquisition. The system is to ensure continuous spectrum sensing to intercept, detect new emissions, track them and locate transmitters. The system will operate in the extended UHF band (about 1-6 GHz). Localization will be performed using the Doppler location (i.e., SDF) method developed at the Military University of Technology. This method provides the precise localization of the emitters using a single UAV. The C2 post will be equipped with software based on modern IT technologies.
The project is implemented by a consortium:
- Military University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics (Leader)
- MSP Inntech Sp. z o.o.