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Who we are

MSP was established in 2001 to answer the needs of design and manufacture of unmanned plane structures.

The participation in international and national R&D projects, out of which each of them required unconventional solutions, enabled achieving constant development and unique experience in design and performance of various aircraft types.

MSP has completed dozens of uav systems (prototypes and serial production) weighing from 0,5 to 150 kg, for military, aviation, power branches.

MSP is the first company in Poland which has registered a +25 kg class uav in the Polish register of civil aircraft in the Civil Aviation Authority.

In addition MSP offers uav services: photogrammetry, remote sensing, monitoring, etc.

MSP has also experience in design and processing of components and equipment of manned aircrafts and a unique experience in research of dynamic characteristics of the designed planes on the basis of flight tests performed on scaled models.

MSP designs and manufactures own autonomous control systems, stabilized sensors’ suspensions and gimbals and other mechatronic devices.

MSP company is focused on aviation R&D projects, with a particular regard to uavs.

MSP has participated in many national and international projects as a leader, consortium member or subcontractor for universities, institutes and companies.

MSP is a fully Polish-owned company with ca. 30 employees.

The company operates in two locations:
  • Warsaw – design and head office  see the map
  • Drogomysl (south of Poland) – production plant, composite workshop see the map
MSP is ISO 9001 certified company and posseses the dual-use concession of the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs.
The company is a member of:
  • the Key National Cluster - Silesian Aviation Cluster; go to page
  • the Aviation Construction and Technology Cluster – GENERAL AVIATION; go to page
  • the Technological Support of Innovative Aircraft Projects Cluster; go to page