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Flying target drones

MSP company has participated as a partner in the development of flying target drones for the Polish Armed Forces.

Designed, manufactured and delivered (over 110 units) by MSP, products are currently used by anti-aircraft defense units in Poland.

Exemplary systems implemented by MSP in cooperation with the Air Force Institute of Technology:


unmanned, maneuvering, single-use propeller-driven aerial target. It can carry: infrared radiation sources (flares), radar reflector (option).

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unmanned, maneuvering, reusable propeller-driven aerial target. It can carry: shooting sleeve with hit sensor, radar reflector (option).

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unmanned, new-generation, fast maneuvering target dron with jet propulsion. Equipped with radar reflector.

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Target drone system developed independently by MSP:


unmanned, small, maneuvering propeller-driven aerial target

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