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Photogrammetry and remote sensing

MSP is involved in the very dynamic development of photogrammetry, providing accessibility of:

  • orthophotomaps
  • digital surface models
  • digital elevation models

Image data (RGB, NIR) and point clouds (LIDAR) for small areas (dozens of sq km) are acquired with the use of unmanned platforms. For larger areas we use manned platforms.

The orthophotomaps have a very high interpretative potential, thanks to the images taken at a very low ceiling (100-300m). In addition, low-altitude imaging features rich color saturation and high contrast, resulting from the properties of the Earth's atmosphere itself.

Photogrammetric data processing is handled by a qualified team of surveyors, specialists in photogrammetry and remote sensing. With extensive experience (hundreds of sq km of uav photogrammetry) and broad knowledge, we can provide data that meets specific requirements and parameters in the shortest possible time.

The MSP company offers delivery of:

  • numeric layers,
  • map compositions,
  • thematic maps,
  • spatial and remote sensing analyses.

MSP provides its customers with the access to products and realization of the highest quality.