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A photogrammetric / volume calculation version of a versatile micro-class VTOL multi-rotor unmanned platform.

System advantages

  • easy mission planning,
  • system can be easily modified and upgraded to customers needs,
  • easy to transport and deploy,
  • designed and  manufactured in Poland.



Fully autonomous flight control:

  • automatic take–off and landing,
  • waypoint navigation,
  • heading lock,
  • full manual or GPS assisted control,
  • multirotor telemetry and status,
  • payload control.


  • take-off weight: 1.7 kg,
  • operational cruise speed: 5-10 m/s,
  • flight endurance: 25 min,
  • typical operational altitude: 50-150 m (AGL),



  •     vertical camera: 5MP RGB, focal 8.5mm (FOV 65°), global shutter
  •     ground resolution: 2 cm/50m; 5 cm/120 m


The system comprises an overlay for AgiSoft software for rapid orthomosaic generation and volume calculations (heaps, embankments, excavations, etc.).